Many third parties are involved in operating the service

Service: Roblox
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Analytics services (e.g., Google Inc, comScore, Flurry Analytics);</li> <li>Advertising services (e.g., AppsFlyer);</li> <li>Community filtering and moderation services (e.g., CommunitySift);</li> <li>Customer support services (e.g., Zendesk);</li> <li>Surveys and promotions (e.g., Magid);</li> <li>Billing services and payment gateway providers (e.g., Kount, SiftScience, PayPal, Vantiv, Incomm, Rixty, Google, Apple, Amazon, Windows Store). and</li> <li>Hosting and content delivery network services (e.g., AWS, Equinix, CenturyLink).</li>

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