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We might also optimize and improve your experience on ASKfm by using cookies to see how you interact with our services, such as when and how often you use them and what links you click on.</p> <p>To help us better understand how people use our services, we work with a number of analytics partners, including Google Analytics, Quantcast and Scorecard.

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Yes, it is common for websites and online services to use cookies to track user interactions and improve the user experience. Cookies are small files that are stored on your device and contain information about your browsing behavior on the website or service. They can be used to remember your preferences, track your activity, and provide personalized content and advertisements.

However, it is important to be aware of how cookies are being used and to ensure that your privacy is being protected. Some websites and services may use cookies to collect and share your personal information without your consent. It's a good idea to review the privacy policy of any website or service you use to understand how your data is being collected and used.

Most web browsers allow you to control and manage your cookie settings. You can choose to accept or reject cookies, and you can also delete cookies at that have already been stored on your device. This can help you protect your privacy and ensure that your online experience is tailored to your preferences.

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