Envato domains read through

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Envato domains read through

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https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/tosdr/cRxh_hkiTNY/o-7URqULaVYJ Hey all,

I'm not sure if this is usually how you like to receive TOS/Privacy
Policy reviews; but I had some time and decided to dissect and run through
the entire Envato privacy policy, user terms of service and member terms of
service. All three I placed into a SkyDrive document (
) with my notes, which I'll summarize here. Hopefully we can discuss all
the points and folks who know more than I do about the process and massage
the data into something useful for ToS;DR.

The domains this terms apply to are:

- activeden.net
- audiojungle.net
- codecanyon.net
- graphicriver.net
- themeforest.net
- videohive.net
- 3docean.net
- tutsplus.com
- photodune.net

Here are the main highlights I was able to extract (see the SkyDrive
document for where each of these comes from in the legal documents):

1. INFORMATIVE You may only use content displayed on sites as allowed on
each product by the product’s author.
2. INFORMATIVE Hot-linking is not allowed.
3. INFORMATIVE Embedding the site in frames is not allowed.
4. INFORMATIVE Not responsible for the content of links to external
5. INFORMATIVE Jurisdiction is New South Wales, Australia.
6. INFORMATIVE Age limit of 18.
7. INFORMATIVE You do not have to pay a fee to become a member.
8. INFORMATIVE This site operates its own virtual currency called
“Envato Credit” which is equal to 1 US Dollar.
9. INFORMATIVE You agree to only sell products you own all rights to.
10. INFORMATIVE You are responsible for what you upload.
11. INFORMATIVE Promotional communications are opt-out.
12. POSITIVE You may request a copy of personal information stored and
inform Envato of corrections.
13. POSITIVE Changes involving the privacy policy will have 30-days’
notice given.
14. POSITIVE You stay in control of your copyright.
15. POSITIVE Uses temporary session cookies
16. POSITIVE Collected personal data used for limited purposes
17. WARNING Terms may be changed any time at their discretion, without
notice to the user
18. WARNING Site claims ownership of links on other websites pointing to
the site and claim they have the right to request deletion of incoming
19. WARNING No warranty is provided, and any liability is limited to the
original cost of goods.
20. WARNING Your account can be terminated for any reason without
21. WARNING You acknowledge and agree that you are liable for, and will
indemnify Envato and its partners against, any and all claims made by a
third party arising out of your access to, and use of, the Sites as a
22. WARNING No guarantee of availability, and the service can be
suspended at any time with or without warning.
23. WARNING You must provide your legal name upon registration
24. WARNING Personal info is used for advertising.
25. WARNING Personal information is shared with agents and contractors.
26. WARNING No liability is accepted for improper access to your
personal information.
27. WARNING Any monies that you deposit into your account that are not
used for a period of 12 months, will be forfeited.
28. WARNING Purchases of account credit is non-refundable.
29. WARNING You may not scrape the site
30. WARNING No promise to inform about government requests
31. WARNING No policy for account, content or personal information
32. WARNING You agree to help defend Evanto against third-party claims.
33. WARNING Third party cookies are used for advertising
34. WARNING Data may be stored anywhere without given notice.

I know this is a massive amount, and I'm sorry if this isn't the typical
way of doing things (I've only posted once before, so, feedback is VERY
helpful in knowing how and where to focus my energy). Looking forward to


www.tos-dr.info // www.twitter.com/tosdr // www.github.com/didnotread
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