who wants to help create an html form on tosdr.org?

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who wants to help create an html form on tosdr.org?

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https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/tosdr/HOR3ELxioig/eF88r_mDmk4J Hi!

Right now we have a fairly inefficient way to create and validate data points:

- person 1, the "reviewer" (could be anybody) sends an email to the mailing list
- person 2, the "curator" (probably Ian) manually pastes the message into a JSON document and adds it to https://github.com/tosdr/tosdr.org/tree/master/points
- the data point will become visible next time the site is built and deployed (as described in https://github.com/tosdr/tosdr.org/blob/master/README.md)

What would be more efficient would be:

- the reviewer visits tosdr, logs in with a confirmed email address (e.g. with Mozilla Persona) and fills out a small html form.
- as the form is sent, the data is automatically stored in a JSON file on the server, and also an invitation to discussion is sent to the mailing list
- the curator can now simply ssh into the server, review the newly created JSON files, maybe make some manual changes depending on what was discussed on the mailing list, commit the final version to the git repo, and deploy.

It would mean no more manual copy-pasting things into JSON files, and also it allows us to improve on this once we have it. Then, the reviewer can for instance already check against similar existing points, and we can build this out to create a review tool that makes it very easy to review a
new service, or update the review of an existing service. But first we want to start with this very simple "submit a data point" form. So what we need for that is:

* an html form. It should fit in the current Bootstrap layout, and be usable on both desktop and smartphones. Fields, probably:
- service (can be a free text input, if there is a typo in the service name, the curator can align it with https://github.com/tosdr/tosdr.org/tree/master/services)
- topic (same, see https://github.com/tosdr/tosdr.org/tree/master/topics, free text is ok for the first version)
- short description (to appear in the points list on the main page and as the subject of the email)
- short description (to appear inside the popup and as the body of the email)
- good/info/bad (multiple choice field)
- importance (a number from 0 to 100, aka 'weight')
- a 'sign in with Persona' button
- a 'submit' button
* a server-side form-processing script that:
- checks the Persona assertion
- saves a JSON file into a designated directory on the server's file system
- sends an email out to the mailing list (you probably want to use something like sendgrid for this)

As the existing ToS;DR team members are all busy already with other task, we are looking for someone to join the team, to take on this noble task
of developing our "review tools". Who wants to do this? We are all in this as volunteers, so this is not a job that will get you rich, or even pay you a reasonable web developer rate. But nonetheless you'll get a symbolic 10 euros from the donations money as a compensation for each hour you put in as part of the team.

There is no specific place or time you have to be, this project lives in cyberspace. :) There is also no specific requirement on which programming
language to use, although if you stick with a mainstream server-side languages (that basically means nodejs, ruby or php), it will be easier for most other people to contribute to it.

If you know a web developer who has worked with Mozilla Persona and/or scripts that save files and send emails before, and you think they may be interested in working more closely with our project, then also please alert them to this request.

If you're willing to help us out with this, then please come to #tosdr on freenode (our IRC chat channel).


tosdr.org | twitter.com/tosdr | github.com/tosdr
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