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On 2018-05-23 12:41:06 UTC, Deleted wrote:!msg/tosdr/EhCUWmVWsp4/AHnBEC72BgAJ Dear Sir/Madam
Thanks for taking the time to read this mail.
I'm Alan Yang from Shanghai Kessen Ceramics.We are an industrial ceramics and refaractory materials manufacturer in China for years.Our products are widely used in varied industries as electricity,information, power,automobile,petrol,etc.Here are the materials and products we provide:
Also please see our product catalogue for your reference.If you are insterested,pls feel free to contact.

Best Regards

Alan Yang
B. D. Manager
Shanghai Kessen Ceramics Co.,Ltd | Shanghai Kessen Group Corp | No1115 Road Yongxin Jiading Shanghai 201800 China | Tel: 86-21-51099195 | Fax: 86-21-51010816 | Website:; | E-mail: | Skype: kessen.alan

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