Important: what's next for the coming weeks?

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Important: what's next for the coming weeks?

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On 2018-05-23 12:40:46 UTC, Deleted wrote:!msg/tosdr/plUPvI1DC4w/TqZf4stAvtsJ Hello,

I just wanted to give all of you some heads-up about the project. As you
may have seen on we now have 2 browser extensions (Chrome
and Firefox) and we just released a first draft of a lightweight API,

= Branding =

At the beginning, ToS;DR was meant more as a codename than as a real
name for the general public. But it seems that the media has picked it
up just fine and most of the articles explained nicely where it came
from (Internet's TL;DR). But we are still not sure whether we could
improve this or not. One thing we could do is find a better domain name,
even if we don't change the name of the project itself. Something like Do you have suggestions criticisms about that?

= Sustainability: Donations and hiring =

We are going to launch a funding campaign, most probably crowd-funding
so that we can hire a full-time person to make sure no points get lost
and that all discussions can go to a concrete point on the website. This
person will work with Michiel and I will continue contributing as a
volunteer (as I have to get back to law studies in September).

Ideally, a contributor with legal background would be ideal. If you'd
like to work full-time on this project, don't hesitate to contact us.

There have been a lot of discussion recently, so I hope in the next days
that we can have some of the data onto the website :)

Thank you all for your contributions,
Best regards

Hugo Roy
French Coordinator, FSFE chat: mobile: +336 08 74 13 41
mobile DE: +49 151 143 56 563

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