wot and privacyparrot

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wot and privacyparrot

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https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/tosdr/kMhN9p74N7M/3eRtPL-ZhhcJ i just had a look at http://www.mywot.com/en/trustseal and tried
typing facebook.com, google.com, mail.ru, thepiratebay.se,
twitter.com, unhosted.org, tos-dr.info, wikipedia.org, scam.com into
it, and all those examples just showed 'trusted' as the result. when i
tried with 'tosdr.org' (one of our own aliases), it said 'sorry, the
community is not convinced'. so that doesn't seem to have a lot of
information other than that a site exists and has some traffic? i
think there's not much use then in incorporating that information.

on the other hand, this: http://privacyparrot.com/popular seems like a
useful source that we should add to our data points (while making
clear in the description that these data points come from


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