HTTP request header for client-side EULAs.

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HTTP request header for client-side EULAs.

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On 2018-05-23 12:41:08 UTC, Deleted wrote:!msg/tosdr/1JPA1CuRbrc/3R9FukguTKQJ I wrote a prototype of this a few years back.

It was a Mozilla extension that added an X-client-eula HTTP header to ALL
requests which included the text of a EULA that the *USER* entered which
basically says what the user typed into their dialog box.

This is based on the logic of "*If you visit or shop at, you
accept these conditions.* " ...

which Amazon uses here:

In my EULA I basically said:

"By responding to this HTTP request, you accept MY conditions and your
conditions DO NOT apply."

Thoughts here?

I realize it will SUCK for the websites that now have to READ all these ToS
- but isn't this the situation they put US in to begin with?

I had an idea that if we were to standardize on a few basic ToS, the vendor
could use the hashcode of the ToS to decide if they want to respond to the
HTTP request.

Some websites and customers could BOTH have acceptable EULAs which allows
them to work together.

Another idea could be to make them machine readable so that the client and
server can both negotiate to realize that they are in agreement vs. the
problem of having to read human text which for a machine will not be easy.


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