Your Personal data may be sold unless you opt out

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We may share identifying information and performance data about your system to developers using our API, or to users of the Enphase App, upon your written consent. Because your consent and actions in relation to those developers/users are a deliberate interaction directing us to provide this information to the developer/user we do not consider this sharing a “sale,” but because we are not always privy to the consent that you provide the developer/user or the nature of those interactions, in some cases our transfer of data may be classified as a “sale” under law. We also may provide your personal information to installers or their partners for the purpose of introducing that installer or partner to you, but only when you consent or instruct us to do so. Additionally, in certain circumstances, for example when the installer of your existing system is no longer available, we will pass on your contact information and site information to a follow-on installer to service your system at your direction. You may nonetheless submit a request to opt-out.

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