Internet terms and conditions

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Internet terms and conditions

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On 2018-05-23 12:41:18 UTC, Deleted wrote:!msg/tosdr/UNB2htP3JJc/CMV-CBMBDegJ Dear Andrew Miller MP and people at Terms of Service; Didn't Read

I read about your excellent efforts on Internet T&Cs in an article by Jacob
Aron that was in New Scientist recently.

Back in August I became terminally frustrated by these and came up with my
own solution. Put simply, when I click the *accept *button, I intone, "I do
not really accept, but I had to tick the box to get your stuff. My terms
and condition are publicly available on the great internet." I then copy
and paste the offensive screen and save it in* my terms & conditions*.

I wrote about it on my website here:
where you can also see my very simple T&Cs.

It will be interesting to test the legality of this in the courts, but it
works for me.

*Andrew, why doesn't your committee just write some T&Cs similar to mine
and say that any internet trader / service provider must use them for
consumer agreements? The EU might even adopt it.*

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*London: +44 20 7735 8540 *
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