24 days to decide the future of this project

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24 days to decide the future of this project

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https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/tosdr/hL33s3CMfpk/AGUy_XXoAv8J We just launched the crowdfunding campaign for this project:

This mailing list will always be based on voluntary and open
discussion, but there is quite a lot of 'curator' work to do as well -
we need to codify all discussion threads into well classified data
points, compare them to similar topics to calibrate the weight
different data points have and to make sure we make an objective
assessment of each one.

We also need to stay up to date with changing Term of Service of
services which we already rated. We cannot rely on the mailing list to
always bring up the discussions that need discussing - we need to have
a reliable full-time base team who pro-actively bring up points that
need to be updated.

And we need to develop tools, try to integrate with other projects
where beneficial, reach out to the press where it can help awareness,

In short, we need at least one full-time person to run this project.
At the same time, we want this to be a non-profit and unaffiliated
project, because objectivity is such an important part of it. This
means we rely on donations to run this project.

By signing up for this mailing list, you have counted yourself in our
most valuable inner circle! If you cannot afford a big donation, don't
worry: we would be honoured with even just the basic 5 euro one, so
that on our list of donators, we can proudly list the people who care
most about this project, namely you.

Also, you can help us a lot throughout the next 24 days, by
periodically making as much noise as you can about how you see the
importance of the Terms of Service; Didn't Read project. If you could
spare us one or two tweets a week, that would really improve this
project's chances of success.

We set 10,000 euros as the campaign goal, which should get us well
into 2013. I think we can make it. We had a lot of help from the press
so far, but now is the moment of truth.

The coming 24 days are our one big chance to Launch This Rocket. Are
you with us?

Yours sincerely,
Hugo, Jan & Michiel.

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Updated Analysis: 24 days to decide the future of this project

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Updated Title: Tinder can change the ToS at any time with no specified notification period

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Updated Analysis: Tinder can change the ToS at any time with no specified notification period, the ToS specified a "reasonable" means but no specifications on how long and what remedies are given to the user.

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