is using webserver logs ok?

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is using webserver logs ok?

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On 2018-05-23 12:41:30 UTC, Deleted wrote:!msg/tosdr/CRkJvmU9wk4/-RPy0OJIY6UJ There's a campaign called, which aims to convince
websites to not keep identifiable data in webserver logs. i think
logging should be switched off by default (that's better for
performance anyway), and only be used to mitigate DoS attacks and

The use of webserver logs to determine demographics of a website's
visitors is, i guess, *only* acceptable if data is anonymized before
it is stored. And anonymizing is not very easy technically, so should
be done with some care, and by people who know what they're doing,
before any logs are published to marketing departments or third
parties etcetera.

right now, the default is that you're being tracked all the time, and
this creates a slippery slope. if we promote privacy by default, then
users can still opt-in to be counted in tracking experiments. this
also relates to the DoNotTrack header, i guess?

just had a discussion with Hugo and Erkan about this, Hugo in
particular doesn't at all agree with me that this is a consumer's
right we should be defending... curious how important other people
find this topic!


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