github URL changed from "didnotread" to "tosdr"

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github URL changed from "didnotread" to "tosdr"

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contributors, please note that all our github repos moved from to:

In particular, the main (website) repo moved to:

If you see any old links anywhere, then please update them. You will also have to update the .git/config file in your local repo copies. Everybody should hopefully have the same access to all the repos as they had before, but if not, or there are any technical problems arising, let me know! :)

At the same time we moved the "main" location of the website to:

We will keep working as well for at least the near future, but if you have any links to our page, then please update them to "" for consistency.

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Updated Title: github URL changed from "didnotread" to "tosdr"

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Updated Title: [Neutral] Groupon modifications to Privacy Statement

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Updated Analysis: [Neutral] Groupon will notify you by email or by notice on the Site of any modifications to their Privacy Statement, and their last version of the Privacy Statement is available for viewing.

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