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Monthly report from Hugo

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In order to meet the standards of transparency which are appropriate for
this project, here's my monthly report for my participation to ToS;DR.

* November 3rd: finances (we're investigating what's the best
formal or informal way to deal with the projects' finance since
the crowdfunding. We're basically looking in whether we should
set up a legal person with a French reg. association (loi 1901)
or if just non reg. association might work (also loi 1901).
We're also looking at what's the best way to deal with
contributors who get a remuneration for the work they do on the
project (what kind of contract, what kind of tax status, etc.)
and where would the money come from (we might get some help from
FDNN: a French fund managing financial aspects for associations
dealing with digital freedoms).
* 10th & 11th: talk at FSCONS, in Goteborg
* I've also started working on a new kind of way for people to
contribute to the project. See
#46 47 48 and 49 and
* 13th: I'm launching a sister-project for France with law
students at Sciences Po. So I have to work with the existing
associations and convince the university administration to
support the project, and also find motivated students to work on
* 14th: working on the version 2 of the website, and writing a
report (see )
* 15th: working with Ian to explain how to make the data points
from the mailing list (researching the terms', analysing them,
comparing with topics from existing points, writing style for
the data, formatting etc)
* 16th: worked on several data points (don't remember which, but
this can be checkd on the changelog at )
* 17th: gave a talk at Paris' Ubuntu Party
* 19th: working on the website and the blog
* 20th: working on a new interface proposal (see

Total Time logged: 26,7 hours
Advocacy and communication: ~6 hours
Tools Development: ~3 hours
+ Website version 2: ~5 hours
Governance (report, blog, transparency): ~6 hours
Data points: ~4 hours

For news from Ian:
News from Jimm are coming soon ;)

About the perks from Indiegogo, Michiel and Jan will give you an update

Hugo Roy
French Coordinator, FSFE chat: mobile: +336 08 74 13 41
mobile DE: +49 151 143 56 563

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