Many different types of personal data are collected

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When you participate in research opportunities on our website or mobile apps, we collect:</p> <ul> <li>Information you proactively share with us about who you are, what you think (for example your opinions on topical issues, companies and brands) and what you do (for example what shops you like to shop in, what TV shows you have recently watched, or what kind of things you own)</li> <li>Device and browser “metadata” (basically an audit trail of your device and browser use), which is information that is collected automatically when you interact with us. Metadata includes your IP address, the make, model and operating system of the device you have used and browser type</li> </ul> <p>If you have agreed to download YouGov Pulse, our tracking software (you will have been specifically invited to do this, it doesn’t happen automatically), we collect:</p> <ul> <li>Device and browser metadata</li> <li>Information about websites you have visited, which applications you have downloaded onto your computer and mobile devices, and how and when you use them (we do not collect any data that you input into secure forms whilst browsing (such as usernames, passwords or online transactions)</li> <li>Search terms that you enter into search engines</li> <li>Information about what is being watched on certain media apps that you may use, for example Netflix and Amazon Prime</li> </ul> <p>You can find more information about YouGov Pulse, the types of information that may be collected and how they are used, here.</p> <p>If you have agreed to participate in YouGov Safe, we collect:</p> <ul> <li>Any information that you agree to upload, which may relate to your viewing history on one or more streaming services, or your online purchase history (and you will always be able to see what information will be uploaded, how it will be used and who it may be shared with before you confirm that you’re happy for the information to be collected)</li>

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