[bad] Uses Web Beacons to track you across the internet

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[bad] Uses Web Beacons to track you across the internet

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> Microsoft web pages may contain electronic images known as web beacons -
> sometimes called single-pixel gifs - that may be used to help deliver
> cookies on our sites, let us count users who have visited those pages and
> deliver co-branded services. We may include web beacons in our promotional
> e-mail messages or newsletters to determine whether messages have been
> opened and acted upon.
> We may also work with other companies that advertise on Microsoft sites to
> place web beacons on their sites or in their advertisements to let us
> develop statistics on how often clicking on an advertisement on a Microsoft
> site results in a purchase or other action on the advertiser's site.
> Finally, Microsoft sites may contain web beacons from third parties to
> help us compile aggregated statistics regarding the effectiveness of our
> promotional campaigns or other web site operations. These web beacons may
> allow the third parties to set or read a cookie on your computer. We
> prohibit third parties from using web beacons on our sites to collect or
> access your personal information. Nevertheless, you may be able to opt out
> from data collection or use by these third-party analytics companies by
> clicking the links for each of the following analytics providers:
> - Omniture (Adobe): http://www.d1.sc.omtrdc.net/optout.html
> - Nielsen:
> http://www.nielsen-online.com/corp.jsp?section=leg_prs&nav=1#Optoutchoices
> - Coremetrics: http://www.coremetrics.com/company/privacy.php#optout
> - Visible Measures: http://corp.visiblemeasures.com/viewer-settings
> - Google Analytics: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout (requires
> you to install a browser add-on)
> From <
> http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msca/en_CA/DisplayPrivacyPage/ThemeID.27659600/
> >

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