Myspace transfers personal data to the United States

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Myspace transfers personal data to the United States

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The Myspace Services are hosted in the United States. As part of your use
of the Myspace Services, you consent to the transfer of your personal data
to the United States. If you do not agree to this international transfer of
data, then you must refrain from using the Myspace Services.

Item 21
Operation of Myspace Services; Availability of Products and Services;
International Issues
Myspace controls and operates the Myspace Services from its U.S.-based
offices in the United States, and Myspace makes no representation that the
Myspace Services is appropriate or available for use beyond the U.S.A. If
you use the Myspace Services from other locations, you are doing so on your
own initiative and are responsible for compliance with applicable local
laws regarding your online conduct and acceptable content, if and to the
extent local laws apply.

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