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Adobe: Outline

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Given the ubiquity of Adobe software, plugins, etc. on most modern
computers, it is inevitable that we are to cover their ToS, PP and other

Most of these can be found
The most important blanket licence is the "General Terms of Use"
a 15-page document.

The priorities for covering Adobe products would seem to be Adobe Flash
Player and Adobe Reader, perhaps Adobe Acrobat Pro.
This thread intends to provide a platform for discussing our approach to
covering Adobe's ToS.

To get started, will there be a separate entry for each Adobe product, or
could there be some more general information that will be automatically
distributed over all Adobe products (such as what arises from the General

Finally, seeing as I'm new to this project, I would like to be directed
towards information regarding the scope of ToS;DR. Is it intended to cover
only websites, or all the way to the other side, anything that uses ToS /
EULA? I apologise if I didn't search for this thoroughly enough, but I
couldn't find it.


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