Information is provided about security practices

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<br>Security measures are taken to protect data leakage, illegal use of data, unauthorized access to data, specifically (but not limited to):</p> <ul> <li>machines where operations which might involve personal data are protected by redundant security, including, but not limited to, responding only to private host names and rejecting connections from anything different that a tiny white list of addresses</li> <li>the database of the accounts is not stored in those Air servers which are dedicated to provide VPN access. it is stored in servers which are not accessible from the outside</li> <li>Air databases, according to their contextual usage, are isolated from each other</li> <li>in the users database all personal data that do not need a search index are encrypted</li> <li>physical access to the machines keeping the users database is prevented by state of the art surveillance in top rated datacenters</li> <li>Air uses only ciphers for which a cryptographic practical/feasible attack has not been found by the worldwide scientific community</li>

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