Many different types of personal data are collected

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<li> <b>In General:</b>&nbsp;When you use our website(s), service(s), and your device(s) you may be asked to provide personal information such as: <ul> <li>Name and/or business name</li> <li>Home address and/or business address</li> <li>Home, business, and/or mobile telephone number </li> <li>Email address</li> <li>Credit, debit, or other payment account number and related information </li> <li>Date of birth or other identifying personal characteristics </li> <li>Social Security Number</li> <li>Emergency contact list information about others </li> <li>Personal identification code</li> </ul> </li> </ul> <ul> <li> <b>Product Specific:</b>&nbsp;Certain device(s) or service(s) may collect additional information such as: <ul> <li>Audio, video, and still-image recordings from your monitoring device(s) </li> <li>Geolocation and GPS information including physical location of your device(s) by using satellite, cell phone tower, or Wi-Fi signals </li> <li>Motion detection, accelerometer activity, and climate conditions surrounding your device(s) </li> <li>Monitoring event information such as arming and disarming your device(s) </li> <li>Internet protocol (IP) addresses, internet service provider (ISP), date/time stamp, and/or other event data which is automatically collected and stored in log files

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