Information is provided about how they collect personal data

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When we collect your personal data, we inform you whether the designation of certain personal data is compulsory or optional and of the possible consequences that arise in case of the absence of a designation.</li> <li>In addition, we collect the data which you have provided to us through the visit and use of the Marketplace as well as our services, e.g. your purchases and sales history, favorited and earmarked items on the Marketplace, your movement and actions taken on the Marketplace as well as the content and details of messages send or received via our BubbleMail service. Provided that you log in via a social media single sign-on we collect your personal data from the respective social media platform which you have made publically available.</li> </ul> <p>(b) Provided that you have given us your consent, we further collect your e-mail address when you register for our newsletter and promotional messages.

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