You are being tracked via social media cookies/pixels

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<p> Facebook Pixel</p> <p>On our website, we employ Facebook Pixel in the <strong>non-expanded form</strong>. This is a JavaScript, i.e. a program code that your browser can interpret to help us understand what we do on our site, and to show you interest-driven product information. <strong>Details about how it works</strong> are available on the Facebook website.</p> <p>The pixel acts as a so-called pseudonym, which means the use of a pixel does not result in any direct association with your person. You have the opportunity to object to this by setting the switch to "ACTIVE".</p> Active Inactive <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>An Opt-Out Cookie is set to ensure that no Facebook pixel is set when this website is accessed. If you use multiple browsers, you’ll have to install an Opt-Out Cookie <strong>for each browser</strong> individually.</p>

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