Information is provided about security practices

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We are continuously implementing and updating administrative, technical, and physical security measures to help protect your information against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, or alteration. Some of the safeguards we use to protect your information are as follows<ul> <li>Limited access to the production database at the network level</li> <li>Limited access to the production database at the process/users level</li> <li>Password policy for access to the production database</li> <li>Data transfer encryption</li> <li>Data encryption in the database (for card data and authentication credentials)</li> <li>WAF (Web Application Firewall)</li> <li>DDoS protection</li> <li>Internal password change policies</li> <li>PCI DSS compliance</li> <li>Logging of actions and log analysis</li> <li>Antiviruses on admins workstations</li>

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