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I'm by no means an expert on evaluting Terms but from a quick look
through this it looks reasonable to me. It looks like it's oriented to
minimizing risk to the organization and helping its users understand
their own risk and responsibilities. For example, under "Fundraising"
this passage of the ToU seems quite reasonable and sensible to me:

"From time to time, users will post information on an individual
Site to let other users know how they can contribute money to help
someone in need. Our concern is that some of these requests for help
may be fraudulent, and our users may be deceived. We cannot review
every posting on every Site and have no way of policing these
requests or determining their authenticity. Accordingly, we urge you
not to respond to any such fundraising requests that may be posted
on an individual Site unless you are absolutely certain, from
firsthand knowledge, that the request is legitimate and that your
donation will be used in the manner you intend."

Thanks for creating TOSDR. Ideas kind of like it have occurred to me in
the past and it's great to see someone actually creating a solution!

Best regards,

Michael Siepmann


Michael Siepmann, Ph.D.
*The Tech Design Psychologist*^(TM)
/Make your technology more supportive/^(TM)

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