Analyzed Wikimedia Foundation ToS

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Analyzed Wikimedia Foundation ToS

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- [Info] You are responsible for your contributions
- [Info] Wikimedia makes no claim of validity, and some information may
be inaccurate
- [Good] You retain copyright to your contributions
- [Good] You freely license your contributions
- [Info] Harassment and spam prohibited
- [Info] You must freely license derivative works of Wikimedia content,
even if you are not an editor
- [Good] Cookies only used to keep you logged into your account
- [Bad] You cannot delete your account
- [Good] You may terminate the agreement simply by leaving the project
- [Bad] Wikimedia and site administrators can block, but not delete,
your account
- [Good] Wikimedia gives advance notice of terms of use changes
- [Good] Users may decide on changes to terms of use

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