The Terms of Service of Enjin

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The Terms of Service of Enjin

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On 2018-05-23 12:41:00 UTC, Deleted wrote:!msg/tosdr/6-ZvHxUKoao/BeNx_caBcu8J First off, here's some background information about Enjin; Enjin is a
website where anyone can have a website hosted by the site, but they must
pay monthly. Enjin is mainly for gaming sites, where gamers can come
together and talk about the game on forums and other things. In their own
words, "Build a website for your Minecraft Server • Guild • Clan or Gaming
Community. It's easy and free! ".

Now we get to the Terms of Service part. Heres the actual website:

:) = "Thumbs up"
:( = "Thumbs down"
:/ = "Undecided"

*You are the owner of your website. :)
*As a website owner, you are responsible for controlling your website and
managing its members. You own all of your Code, Content and Data. The
behavior of your members on your website is your responsibility as well. We
give you tools to ensure that members and visitors follow the rules
regarding their conduct and the Content that they share on your site.

*Your site may get deleted if you cant pay. :/
*If you sign up for a subscription with us, we will charge you on a regular
basis via Paypal. We usually charge once a month, at the same day of the
month as your first charge.

If we can’t charge you, your site’s service will automatically be
suspended. It may also be at risk for deletion, meaning permanent removal
of your site, its subdomain, and its content.

*No guarantee of privacy. :(
*You have certain responsibilities to your Content and Data. You are
responsible for making sure you actually own all the rights to your Content
and Data, including the right to give others permission or license to use
it. You are also aware that we can’t guarantee that your Content or Data is
private or confidential once it is on our network.

*Enjin can distribute your theme to anyone. :(
*When you submit a Theme, you give us full right to use, copy, give out,
change, update, create works inspired by, display and otherwise use your
Theme. This is a nonexclusive right that you agree we may give to any other
user. You also give any user who purchases your Theme a nonexclusive,
worldwide, fully paid right to use your Theme on their Enjin website.

*Third Party Content is allowed. :)
*Our platform and the websites on it may contain features and functions
that link to third party websites, servers, directories, systems, networks
or any other kind of third party hosting or hosted content. Anytime you
access this content, what you do with it is between you and the provider of
that content. We do not endorse or support any third party content, and
cannot be held responsible for what is contained on external systems.
Please make sure that you familiarize yourself with the safety and
reputation of any third party links that you click or otherwise access, and
that you take the appropriate steps to back-up your data, protect your
privacy, and guard yourself against viruses, malware, scams or other types
of risks that can be found on the Internet.

*Enjin collects personal data. :(
*Our platform will collect some data from you when you use it. This
includes general information like what Enjin websites you visit, what forum
posts you’ve read, and whether you are online or offline at the time. Our
system also logs the last IP address you were logged in from. Website
administrators and owners can view this information if you are a registered
member of this website, but we do not disclose this information to any
other users. Finally, we do collect some data when you first sign up, like
your email address. If you purchase anything from us - including themes,
subscriptions, and headers - we will use some of your personally
identifiable information, like your billing address, to charge you.

Overall, I would rate these Terms of Services a C or D, but as I am not a
professional, I'd like for you guys to give these Terms of Services a
rating yourself.

Thank you.

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