Twitch TOS Update.

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Twitch TOS Update.

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This is my second email to TOSDR about a TOS update.

As quoted (aka copy/pasted) from the site:

Here are the new terms as relates to promotions:

11 f) Promotions.

Broadcasters may promote, administer or conduct a promotion on,
through or utilizing Twitch (a "Promotion"). If you are a Broadcaster
and you choose to promote, administer or conduct a Promotion, you must
follow the following rules:

i) You may carry out Promotions to the extent permitted by applicable
local law and you are solely responsible for ensuring that you and any
Promotions comply with any and all applicable local law obligations
and restrictions.

ii) You, at your expense, will be solely responsible for all aspects
of your Promotion, including, without limitation, the execution,
administration, and operation of the Promotion; drafting and posting
any official rules; selecting winners; issuing prizes; and obtaining
all necessary third-party permissions and approvals, including,
without limitation, filing any and all necessary registrations and
bonds. Twitch has the right to remove your Promotion from the Twitch
Service for any reason.

iii) Twitch is not responsible for and does not endorse or support any
such Promotions. You may not indicate that Twitch is a sponsor or
co-sponsor of the Promotion.

iv) ALL Broadcasters should display or read out the following when a
Promotion is on their channel:

"This is a promotion from [channel name]. Twitch does not sponsor or
endorse broadcaster promotions and is not responsible for them."

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Broadcasters may promote, administer or conduct a promotion on,
through or utilizing Twitch (a "Promotion"). Residential Moving

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