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Privacy Policy:
Terms and Conditions of Use:
Terms and Conditions (Premium (99SEK/Month)):
Terms and Conditions (Mobile (Part of Premium)):
Terms and Conditions (Unlimited (49SEK/Month) (No Mobile access included)):

First off, some personal feelings and random ranting about their Privacy

In the first section. *1. How we collect and use personal information.*
*"When you sign up for a Spotify account or purchase Spotify’s products and
services described on the Spotify Websites or access the Spotify Service,
we may ask you for and collect certain information such as email address,
postal address, age, gender residence and the URL of the website from which
you are signing up."*

Fairly straight forward and common stuff to do. Needed to verify that the
customer is who he/she is and for statistics/marketing purposes.
The second part how ever.

*"When creating a Spotify account, or connecting your already existing
Spotify account with your Facebook account, we will also receive and store
the following information from Facebook Ireland Limited (“**Facebook**”)
your name, user name, **password**, profile picture, unique Facebook
identifier and access token, gender, birthday and email address."*

If you register as a Spotify customer today, you will need to sign in with
your Facebook account. And when you do this they will receive your password
un-encrypted (To be able to handle authentication by them self) from
Facebook Ireland Limited (At least that is what I take home from this vague

And continues with fairly unspecific on what data they gather while you
access their services and for what purpose.

*"In addition, when you use the Spotify Software Application, Spotify
Service and Spotify Websites, we will automatically receive information
about your use of the application, service and website including
information such as media that you access, queries you make, the URL of the
website from which you use or access the Spotify Service, date and time of
your request, your Internet protocol address, performance of your network
and computer, your browser type, language and identifying information, your
operating system and application version."*

The first part also mentions the use of the data gathered. Still this is
fairly straight forward. At least as far at Privacy Policies go :)

*"We will use your personal information (i) to provide the products and
services that you have purchased or requested (including Spotify Social, as
defined in the Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use, and the display of
customized content and advertising), (ii) to communicate with you
concerning your account, customer service issues and other Spotify products
and services, (iii) to personalize and improve the Spotify Software
Application, the Spotify Service and the Spotify Websites, (iv) to ensure
the technical functioning of our products and services, (v) to develop new
products and services, (vi) to protect the copyright-protected content of
the Spotify Service (e.g. by limiting access to the Spotify Service content
to users with a Spotify account), and (vii) as otherwise stated in this
Spotify Privacy Policy."*

They are also kind enough to be a bit more specific on how they share your
Facebook information.

*"If you connect your Spotify account to Facebook, we will make available
and/or share your Facebook user name and your Facebook profile picture to
other Spotify users. Further, Spotify users may be able to use the Spotify
Service to search for or view your Spotify profile and the information
contained therein, such as Playlists, as defined below (for example, if
they know and input your user name in the Spotify Software Application or
Spotify Service)."*

And they do asks us to familiarize our selves with their privacy settings
within the Spotify client.
*"Please familiarize yourself with and use the settings in the preferences
pane as they provide you with some options to adjust the information in
your Spotify profile that may be viewed and your activities that may be

And also they almost write the last part of section 1 as a warning.
*"If you choose to activate Spotify Social or otherwise publish your
playlists, starred music top lists, and current playing song (hereafter
jointly “Playlists”), your Playlist information will be publicly available
to other Spotify users (for example, on your Spotify profile page or social
activity stream) and may be used, or re-shared by other Spotify users.
Spotify is not responsible for the use or re-sharing of Playlist
information by others once it is made public. If you do not wish for such
use or re-sharing of this type of data taking place going forward, you
should not activate Spotify Social and/or adjust your settings and
listening mode."*

*Section 2: Sharing information with others.*

*I quit work for today so i will follow this up tomorrow at work :)*
*Please comment any thoughts you have on the first section .*

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