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Terms of Service Didn't read - Eve Online

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https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/tosdr/SYwDl5epAA4/5DTxcGB1o6MJ This has not been rated yet but its one of the biggest mmorpg games online
I was hoping someone would go through it and check it out so it can be
rated. I just think that they have had enough years to full proof there way
of taking users to court and winning and owning the rights of everything
they put into it on top of them accusing users of something they know
nothing about and grievers getting away with using the gms to get rid of
players in game banning ect all thnx to the modified TOS they approved.

Here is a link to the TOS in it also includes a End User License agree
which to me is the actually ToS they go by but its too confusing for me and
i don't have the time to go through it all plz help.



1. CCP reserves the right to close, temporarily or permanently, any
user’s account "*without advance notice*" as we deem necessary.
Furthermore, we reserve the right to delete all user accounts or inventory
of characters as warranted.

2. We reserve the right to ban any user from the game *"without refund
or compensation"*.

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