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== - Mega - Encrypted cloud storage ==

I especially like the presentation of Mega’s ToS as it is presented in a readable format with good sectioning to separate what terms apply to which parts of the service. Every section is kept small and understandable. The terms though are presented in English and not the users language. The service itself is presented in multiple languages, this appears to be crowd translated which would explain the terms not being subject to translation.

Terms can be changed at any time but users will be informed about this (Section 3)

You are free to delete your account (Section 21)

Extracting data (Not specifically noted in any section)
Though the service currently is Cloud storage and some user to user messaging they plan to expand into VoIP and email soon. Files can easily be extracted but there is so far as I can tell no means of extracting things like contact lists and messages. I will contact Mega regarding such extraction for clarification.

Data stored on the service is encrypted using keys held by the user so Mega has no access to them. Though there is no anonymity it is a private service. They will also by their own public admission (twitter - no citation links presently) not make any effort to prevent users from since TOR or other anonymity technologies when accessing the service. 

They have a well documented process in place to handle DMCA and other copyright violations. Since Mega has no knowledge of the files stored, this is only applicable in cases where a user has publicly shared a file. They also make the user aware that doing so negates the privacy of that file for anyone in possession of the link. They also have a process for filing a counter claim to any such request (Section 19 and 20).
One presumes that being in possession of any such shared file(s) which has been the subject of a valid DMCA or other copyright takedown would be reasonable grounds to compel a user to provide decryption keys under the law in many countries which is probably reasonable and at any rate not something Mega can put conditions for in their ToS. They could though put such notices in their service like they do to explain the loss of privacy when sharing a link.

They remind you that the password should be strong and held securely as if it is lost there is no means of recovery and it is the provider of security for your data (Section 18)

I believe these are A class terms, with bonus points for an excellent easy to read presentation.

Terms of Service -

Privacy policy -

 == - rdio - streaming music service ==

This is a traditional legalese Terms of Service agreement with long sections and unclear separation. They do however get points for presenting it in the users language.

Terms can be changed at any time and you will not be informed of such changes. It is the users responsibility to constantly stay aware of the terms of service and continued use as changes are published is considered accepting changes (Section 19)

You grant rdio and its associated companies rights to any content you upload. They may also use and publish your name in conjunction with any such content (Section 10)

Users can have access terminated at any time if Rdio judges that the ToS have been violated, have gotten a request regarding such a violation (one assumes copyright or DMCA request) or your use of the service is deemed “unsuitable” or “unacceptable”  (neither term defined so basically this must mean.. if they feel like it). (Section 16)

If you are in a region where rdio sells downloadable music, this content is DRM free and in the common mp3 format. Such files are, potentially, watermarked and such information is stored in the file. If the service is terminated this content will remain usable (Section 3.2)

There are no provisions of having an account terminated and deleted permanently from the service, nor for extracting data so far as I can tell.

There isn’t much nice stuff to say about rdio’s terms, they are likely in Class D or E.

Terms of Service -

Kind regards,
David Nielsen

Thank you for the service, it really does I hope make terms of service a little easier to figure out for regular users.

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