The service provides a complete list of all cookies set by its website

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When merchants use our platform to power their online stores, we place the following cookies for visitors of their stores:</p> <p> <strong>Cookies Necessary for the Functioning of the Store</strong>:</p> NameFunction_abUsed in connection with access to admin._secure_session_idUsed in connection with navigation through a storefront.CartUsed in connection with shopping cart.cart_currencyUsed in connection with shopping cart.cart_sigUsed in connection with checkout.cart_tsUsed in connection with checkout.cart_verUsed in connection with shopping cart.checkoutUsed in connection with checkout.checkout_tokenUsed in connection with checkout.cookietestUsed in connection with navigation through a storefront.master_device_idUsed in connection with merchant login.previous_checkout_tokenUsed in connection with checkout.dynamic_checkout_shown_on_cartUsed in connection with checkout.previous_stepUsed in connection with checkout.remember_meUsed in connection with checkout.Secure_customer_sigUsed in connection with customer login.storefront_digestUsed in connection with customer login._shopify_countryUsed in connection with checkout._shopify_mUsed for managing customer privacy settings._shopify_tmUsed for managing customer privacy settings._shopify_twUsed for managing customer privacy settings._storefront_uUsed to facilitate updating customer account information._tracking_consentTracking preferences.tracked_start_checkoutUsed in connection with checkout.keep_aliveUsed in connection with buyer localization. <p> <strong>Reporting and Analytics</strong> </p> NameFunction_landing_pageTrack landing pages._orig_referrerTrack landing pages._sShopify analytics._shopify_dShopify analytics._shopify_fsShopify analytics._shopify_sShopify analytics._shopify_sa_pShopify analytics relating to marketing &amp. referrals._shopify_sa_tShopify analytics relating to marketing &amp. referrals._shopify_yShopify analytics._yShopify analytics. <p>Shopify’s websites</p> <p>When visitors load Shopify’s websites, we generally place the following Shopify cookies:</p> <p> <strong>Cookies Necessary for the Functioning of the Sites</strong> </p> NameFunction_Brochure_sessionUsed in connection with browsing through site. <p> <strong>Reporting and Analytics</strong> </p> NameFunction_landing_pageTracks landing pages._orig_referrerTracks landing pages._sShopify analytics._shopify_fsShopify analytics._shopify_sShopify analytics._shopify_sa_tShopify analytics relating to marketing &amp. referrals._shopify_uniqShopify analytics._shopify_yShopify analytics._yShopify analytics.ab_test_*Shopify analytics.cart_sigShopify analytics.ki_rShopify analytics.ki_tShopify analytics.*_assignmentShopify analytics.

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