Many third parties are involved in operating the service

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Additionally, in order to provide the Payments Services, we use a variety of third party “sub-processors” that fall into many broad categories—for example, we use sub-processors to help us: (i) protect you and Shopify from potentially risky transactions, security threats, or fraud. (ii) perform administrative tasks. (iii) deliver portions of the Payments Services (e.g., third parties that work with us to actually process credit card payments or conduct any shipping). (iv) develop and improve our products and the Payments Services. (v) generate analytics or other information relating to the Payments Services. and, (vi) build our technical infrastructure (e.g., using cloud storage providers or information security vendors).

On 2021-04-04 23:25:04 UTC, private prawn Curator wrote:

While they claim more information is provided in the Privacy Policy, I could find no mention of "sub-processors" (the only time the term was ever used in any of their agreements was at this instance). I could also not find any further elaboration of the information about any sort of third party in the Privacy Policy.

On 2021-04-05 09:36:16 UTC, Agnes de Lion Staff wrote:

Since they use sub-processors for many different purposes, it is likely many third parties are involved.

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