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If you use our VPN service, we collect the minimum amount of information needed to provide and operate it, as well as keep it running safely and efficiently. This is the data we collect to make sure our VPN infrastructure works (“Service Data”):</p> Service Data What we use it for Day of connection<br>E.g. We store the date you were connected together with an internal identifier, but not the exact time: timestamps are floored to either 12 am or 12 pm. To troubleshoot for support and abuse handling.<br> <br>Example: To know the amount of daily active users. Rounded amount of data transmitted<br>E.g. If a user transferred within the session 364MB, we floor it to 300MB. 1843MB of transferred data is floored to 1000MB. We keep just the first digit of the value together with an internal identifier. To plan for new network capacity and server improvements.<br> <br>Example: We may deploy more capacity to meet demand and make sure speeds stay up for all users.

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