Amazon smartphone app will track your movements, and fake "opt-out" suggested

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Amazon smartphone app will track your movements, and fake "opt-out" suggested

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If you follow their advice, they show you how to turn of location services entirely on your smartphone.
They even provide screenshots of how to do this on an Android or iPhone, in the phone-wide settings:

For a Kindle, or if Amazon is the only app on your phone, it makes sense to turn off geolocation entirely.
But of course this is not realistic for a smartphone! You also use geolocation for other things like maps, gps, foursquare,
etcetera. Suggesting that if you don't want Amazon to trace your movements you should switch off your phone's geolocation
altogether is an insulting way to answer a reasonable concern. It suggests that a way to opt out exists, whereas the elephant
in the room there is that in reality this option is only a theoretical one for the vast majority of smartphone users.

They should just own up and say "you get the app, we get your data. That's the deal we offer you, take it or leave it."

They should either make it opt-in ("would you like this app to submit your uniquely identifiable location data to Amazon?"),
or opt-out (with a setting inside the app), or honestly tell us that providing such privacy options to their users is not
considered a priority by their stockholders. Linking to screenshots of the device-wide settings is insulting.

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