Fwd: Facebook Now Knows What You're Buying at Drug Stores

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Fwd: Facebook Now Knows What You're Buying at Drug Stores

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https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/tosdr/kaTSrDuXEMY/8lRGZmbSBjQJ we may want to reflect this as a data point in the facebook rating.

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Subject: Facebook Now Knows What You're Buying at Drug Stores
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Hi All,

I came across this alarming article yesterday. Clearly indicating the
inevitability that the digital tracking will creep into the physical
spaces. It is no surprise the Facebook is pushing this envelope.

A quote from the article "Datalogix (a data matching company) gets its
information from retailers like grocery stores and drug stores who
keep careful records of what its customers who use its loyalty
discount programs are buying."

Then, with the Facebook partnership, Datalogix is able to match your
Facebook profile with drug store purchases..

Here is the article.


I think it is critically important that informed consent is acquired
at the point of purchase (in the physical world) to share this
information with a third party like Facebook. This informed consent
requirement is extremely important especially for physical world
integration of digital information. Perhaps this is something as a
group we could advocate?

Best Regards

- Mark

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Facebook is phasing out the use of all third-party targeting capabilities, both private and public.


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not sure why Ian said this point was curated, where apparently it was not. Any way, fast forward 6 years, when I searched for evidence about this point, I discovered that this practice of linking facebook profiles to profiles from other profilers, is being phased out.

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