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Privacy Policy of eM Client mail-server

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as requested by you pls see below link of eM Client privacy policy
plus the quote from the terms.

In my opinion NOT acceptabel, and should make me to abondon eM Client;
or what is your opinion please ?!

Thanks and best regards
Olaf Hein

*Will company share any of the personal information it receives?*

Respecting our customers’ Personal Information is an integral part of our
We neither rent nor sell your Personal Information to anyone.

We share your Personal Information only as described below.

Affiliated Businesses We Do Not Control :
We anticipate that we may become affiliated with a variety of businesses
and work closely with them. In certain situations, these businesses may
sell items to you through the website. In other situations, Company may
provide services, or sell products jointly with affiliated businesses. You
can easily recognize when an affiliated business is associated with your
transaction, and we will share your Personal Information that is related
tosuch transactions with that affiliated business.

Agents :
We employ other companies and people to perform tasks on our behalf and
need to share your

information with them to provide products or services to you. Unless we
tell you differently,

Company’s agents do not have any right to use Personal Information we share
with them beyond what is necessary to assist us. You hereby consent to our
sharing of Personal Information for the above

purposes. Business Transfers: In some cases, we may choose to buyor sell
assets. In these types of transactions, customer information is typically
one of the business assets that are transferred.

Moreover, if Company, or substantially all of its assets were acquired, or
in the unlikely event that Company goes out of business or enters
bankruptcy, customerinformation would be one of the assets that is
transferred or acquired by a third party.

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