phpBB listing isn't really relevant

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phpBB listing isn't really relevant

On 2018-05-15 09:11:55 UTC, Deleted wrote:

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On 2018-05-23 12:41:34 UTC, Deleted wrote:!msg/tosdr/iTylY-vxO7k/FjqYK_bXvIcJ On the site, there's a listing for phpBB, which is internet forum software. It's licensed under the GPL, and there isn't any other general terms of use agreement or anything to that effect for the software itself. That means that the actual ToS will vary with each implementation of the software.
The actual entry for phpBB says that you can't delete your account, which isn't necessarily true for individual forums. Even without any modifications to the forum software, it's possible for an administrator to delete an account, you'd only have to contact them and ask them to delete yours, hoping that they agreed to it. Additionally, it's possible for the administrator to install extensions that will allow a user to delete their account themselves.

The point is, there shouldn't be a listing for "phpBB," and if there is, it certainly shouldn't say you can't delete your account.

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On 2018-09-13 10:23:06 UTC, Vincent (Mr. 404) Staff wrote:

Not a point. Though it makes sense, unfortunately, it's not yet possible to delete services in Phoenix, it seems.

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