Nokia Account - How they share your data

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Nokia Account - How they share your data

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As of November 2010:

Under Do We Share Personal Data?

"We do not sell, lease, rent or otherwise disclose your personal data
to third parties unless otherwise stated below."

"Your consent and social sharing services"

Good point, only if you authorize they can send data for social sharing

"Nokia companies and authorized third parties, We may share your
personal data with other Nokia companies or authorized third parties
who process personal data for Nokia for the purposes described in this

They only send for third parties that are needed for the service, like
your phone plan provider.

"International transfers of personal data, Our products and services
may be provided using resources and servers located in various
countries around the world. Therefore your personal data may be
transferred across international borders outside the country where you
use our services (...) that do not have laws providing specific
protection for personal data or that have different legal rules on data
protection, for example, the United States of America. In such cases we
take steps to ensure that there is a legal basis for such a transfer
and that adequate protection for your personal data is provided as
required by applicable law, for example, by using standard agreements
approved by relevant authorities (where necessary) and by requiring the
use of other appropriate technical and organizational information
security measures."

Transactions that need data to be sent for regions with low level of
protection or different laws for data protection have contracts between
Nokia and other providers to keep your data with same policy stated by
the Nokia terms.

"Mandatory disclosures, We may be obligated by mandatory law to
disclose your personal data"

"Mergers and Acquisitions, If we decide to sell, buy, merge or
otherwise reorganize our businesses in certain countries, this may
involve us disclosing personal data to prospective or actual purchasers
and their advisers, or receiving personal data from sellers and their

They can't know what will happen with your data if they are sold.


André - An_dz

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