This service has a no refund policy with some exceptions

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If components are missing, we will charge a nonrefundable missing parts fee as outlined here: </p> <ul> <li> Battery: $20.00 </li> <li> Charger: $10.00 </li> <li> USB Cable: $3.00 </li> <li> SD Card: $5.00 </li> <li> Manual: $3.00 </li> <li> Other parts: At our sole discretion </li> </ul> <p> Your defective device must be returned in good condition - other than the defect that’s the subject of the warranty claim, that is. </p> <p> If the device is determined to have some type of damage that voids its warranty (e.g. liquid damage, 'modded' OS, etc.), we may charge a nonrefundable damage fee at our sole discretion.

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