AccuWeather disallows ad-blocking (and reserves right to charge you fees if you do so)

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AccuWeather disallows ad-blocking (and reserves right to charge you fees if you do so)

On 2018-05-15 09:11:48 UTC, Deleted wrote:

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On 2018-05-23 12:41:21 UTC, Deleted wrote:!msg/tosdr/lWcbQtOFa9o/xxsXuyxmEwAJ's Terms of Usage (at disallow ad-blocking, and give them the right to charge you fees if you do so (/*highlighting */added):

17. Advertisements. This Site contains information of high economic
value and is provided to you free of charge because it is supported
by advertisers and therefore may include advertising for products
and services offered by the Provider or third parties. This
advertising support is significant and allows us to provide this
Site as a public service to people who can, and those who cannot,
afford to pay the high cost of operating the Site. The advertising
may be targeted to information related to the type of weather
information you access, your search requests, or other information
consistent with our Privacy Statement
( AccuWeather would incur
substantial unreimbursed costs in connection with the Site without
the ability to display advertising. Accordingly, we ask for your
help in exchange for our free license to you to access the Site and
its content./*You agree that advertising is, and will continue to
be, a part of the Site content provided to you and you agree not to
block the advertising on the Site, whether through the use of
technology or other means. Doing so is a material breach of these
Terms and Conditions for which AccuWeather reserves the right to
charge you fees for the use of the Site or to seek other legal
damages. */AccuWeather may utilize technology or other measures to
bypass attempts to block advertising and you agree to cooperate with
AccuWeather in doing so. AccuWeather makes no representations or
warranties with respect to the quality, appropriateness, accuracy,
truthfulness, reliability, business ethics, or other aspects of any
such advertisements and/or the organizations placing the
advertisements and shall have no responsibility or liability for any
claims arising out of or related to any such advertisements, the
contents thereof, the products or services promoted therein, or the
fulfillment thereof. It is a user’s sole responsibility to satisfy
himself or herself as to the desirability of dealing with any given
advertiser and to understand the relationship is between the user
and the advertiser and not with AccuWeather. AccuWeather may display
political advertising as a business transaction, from advocacy
groups and candidates for office. AccuWeather does not endorse
candidates for political office or endorse any political statements,
positions or issues.

I think this is quite bad.


Russell J

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