Nokia Account - Info sent to Nokia in first use and every update

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Nokia Account - Info sent to Nokia in first use and every update

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As of version from September 2011:

Under term 3. Registration and Termination:

"Upon first use of your device and each time you update the Nokia
device software, a text message will be sent to Nokia."

The collected info is detailed in the Privacy Policy:

Under What Data Do We Collect?

They state they collect:

Usage Tracking: like IP, access time, the website you linked from,
pages you visit, the links you use, the content you viewed and other
such information your browser provides. Some info from your device (ex:
cellphone), like subscriber identity information, network service
provider specific identifiers, network settings and other such

Information you provide: like the ones provided in the registration and
others they might ask latter.

Your transactions: like number of requests, the services and products
provided, delivery details, bank account number, credit card details,
billing address, credit checks and other such financial information,
details of agreements between you and Nokia, records of contacts and
communications, information and details relating to the content you
have provided us with and other such transactional information.

Location data: Nokia’s location based services and features may use
satellite, Wi-Fi or other network based location data, for example your

Under First use of your Nokia device

In the activation process your user name, email address, mobile number,
unique mobile device identifier and subscriber identity information
will be sent to Nokia and we may associate this information with your
Nokia Account.


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