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Before stating how collected information is or can be used or passed on by them they extensively list different types of information they collect. Yet, they fail to differentiate between any types of data when writing about how they may be used.


> When you provide us with your Personal Information, we and/or authorized third parties may use such information for a number of purposes identified below.

Notice we are talking not only about aggregated, anonymized or anonymous data, we are talking about personal information.

> * To provide you with important functionality changes to the Websites or Services, including updates and upgrades, other new OnLive services, and advertising or special promotional offers from OnLive and reputable third parties that we think you will find valuable.

Well, thank you for sending me unwanted ads I guess? That would be something I would spam-filter definitely, as given this phrasing there is no opt-out.

> * For external demonstrations, marketing or promotional efforts.

And you make yourself be able to use *personal* information for that? Oh really.

> * To provide a report to our business partners that tells them who responded to a particular offer or to facilitate the fulfillment of an order that you have made with a business partner.

Again, don’t put this where you talk about usage of *personal* information.

> * To enforce the Terms and our other agreements with you, prevent fraud and other prohibited or illegal activities, for other legally permissible purposes and generally to ensure that we comply with applicable laws.

“prevent fraud and other prohibited or illegal activities” is the why, yet I do not see a “how”. No idea where my data may end up.

“for other legally permissible purposes” – wow. That is a broad statement.

> * To maintain and enforce security and safety of the Websites and Services.

Yet again, what do you need personal information for here?

> * To enforce our agreements with third party content providers, game developers, affiliates, and other OnLive business partners regarding third party rights associated with your use of the Websites and Services.

I do not really get this. They agree to something with a third party, then the third party has a right to my data, and OnLive provides?

> * To process your entries and participation in sweepstakes, contests, promotions, tournaments or other events if any, in which you choose to participate.

Again, it is unclear *which* (personal) information is used and how. Sure I can not participate in sweeptstakes, contests or promotions. But tournaments are normally not such a problematic thing.

> *To enable the social networking features of the OnLive Websites and OnLive Game Service.

What ever that does I guess!?
OnLive may share your Personal Information with an unaffiliated third party under the following circumstances:

> OnLive expressly reserves the right to disclose Personal Information and any other information to third parties if we believe, in good faith, that we are required to do so by applicable law

I never liked this statement. It allows them to just throw the data out when they are asked by any government, law or similar organisation once they ask for it. What would be appropriate is to only hand it out once a court ruling is presented.

> We may also disclose Personal Information and any other information where necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims or as otherwise permitted by law.

Holy shit, so they do throw my data out to just any flawed corporate claiming whatever.

> OnLive reserves the right to disclose to a third party the Personal Information or any other information of a user who we believe is in violation of any policy or rule as posted on the Websites and Services, even without a subpoena, warrant, court order or other governmental request.

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