Service can block or censor user communications

Service: VKontakte
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In case of the violation of third parties’ legitimate rights and interests provided by Russian legislation or these Terms in the Сommunity, the Site Administration has the right to take the following measures at its opinion: (a) delete Content or other information the Community uploads and/or block the access to it. (b) block the access to the Community page for certain users. (c) block the access to the Community for the User that administrates Community. (d) transfer the Community administration rights and the use of sub-domain to the legal right holder that has confirmed their right for the Community Content according to the established procedure, including the right to the objects of copyright and related rights, the right to means of individualization, confusingly similar to those used in the Community sub-domain names. (e) exclude the Community from the search and/or block the Community. (f) temporary ban the publication of any links in the Community. </li>

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