The service reviews its privacy policy on a regular basis

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<p>This policy is subject to change. When considering our usage of your data the version of the policy active at the time of the usage should be used. We retain all versions of this policy along with a list of all changes that are made to it. In order to verify the authenticity of a given copy of this policy a SHA hash is generated at the time of creation and stored separately. Subsequent checks can then be made to compare this hash against the copy of the file in question.</p>

On 2020-10-23 17:50:39 UTC, Dr_Jeff ToS;DR wrote:

changes-requested: I'd recommend splitting this point into multiple ones, since many cases do apply.

On 2020-10-26 16:24:21 UTC, rob wrote:

Agreed. However, tried that and page fails with a JavaScript error. Will make future attempts

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