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https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/tosdr/tdN3413X9fk/84bNPHAR85IJ Hello,

I am very concerned with my photos that have been loaded onto my facebook
account. It was not clear that my photos where no longer protected once
loaded up online. The idea was to provide my travel photos from around the
world to friends and family, not to give my photos to the facebook
organization. This is very upsetting as I have artistic photos of my
experiences that are on my personal page.

This is a very deceiving tactic and in my view steeling, as I should be able
to maintain privacy while also interacting within my personal account. This
information should be exposed in a more openly fashion with much more
exposure to the topic.

Do I have recourse to take action or are we to give away our personal
materials at no cost and without protection? Why is it that musicians and
movie production groups have protection, while photographers are hung out to

Best Regards,

Harley O¹Neill

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