The service collects many different types of personal data

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When you register to use an Adobe app or website, create an Adobe ID, or contact us for support or other offerings, Adobe collects information that identifies you. This includes:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Name;</li> <li>Date of birth;</li> <li>Company name;</li> <li>Email address;</li> <li>Telephone number;</li> <li>Address;</li> <li>Country;</li> <li>IP address;</li> <li>Mobile Device ID;</li> <li>Payment/billing information (where an app or website is 'paid for');</li> <li>Eligibility information (e.g., for student and teacher editions of apps);</li> <li>Types of apps and websites of interest. and</li> <li>Content of customer support communications.</li> </ul>

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