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Terms and conditions <p>Version 1, 29 September 2021</p> <p> (the Service) is a project of Kristofer Tingdahl (Creator), the Netherlands. By using it, the user of the Service (User) agrees with the following terms and conditions. </p> <p> </p> <ol> <li> It is forbidden to use the Service for any illegal activities and to send texts that are not passwords, keys, key-phrases that unlock or gain access to technical systems. This is not a general purpose messaging service. </li> <li> By using Service, the user gets a one-time license to use the Service and the software that is used to deliver the Service. The software is, and remains the property of the Creator. </li> <li> Creator has the right to block a User from using the service for any reason. </li> <li> Creator is not liable to any direct or indirect damage caused by Service to the User. This includes all types of data leaks, and the consequences thereof. </li> <li> User will hold Creator harmless and indemnify Creator for all damages in connection with claims from 3rd parties, caused by User’s usage of the service. </li> <li> The Service is provided ‘as is’ and no guarantees are given for any performance uptime or functionality. </li> <li> The Service uses Recaptcha functionality by Google to avoid robots. This functionality is governed by the Google Terms of Service ( and the Google Privacy Policy ( Usage of Service implies acceptance of the Google Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy. </li> <li> All disputes resulting from Service should be resolved in Dutch courts, and parties commit to follow the rule of Dutch courts. </li> </ol> <p> </p> <ul> <li>Create password link</li> <li>About</li> <li>Privacy</li> <li>Terms &amp. Conditions</li> </ul>

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