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Privacy <p> Privacy is important. Therefore, only saves a minimum of data, and does not use that information for any other purpose than keeping the service working, and comply with legal obligations. </p> Cookies <p> does not save any non-functional cookies, and therefore, no cookie consent is required. </p> <p> There is one functional cookie saved for 182 days when creating a password link:<br> _GRECAPTCHA from with the purpose of preventing bots from accessing the service. </p> Saved data <p> The following data is saved: </p> <ul> <li> Password (is deleted within 24 hours of the expiration time, or at first retrieval). </li> <li> Timestamp of link creation, link retrieval, and removal. This information is saved perpetually. </li> <li> IP address of user at link creation and link retrieval. This information is kept for 90 days. </li> <li> Country of users, based on IP address. This information is saved perpetually. </li> <li> Technical logs stemming from the software and the hosting. These are saved for 30 days. </li> </ul> <p> </p> <ul> <li>Create password link</li> <li>About</li> <li>Privacy</li> <li>Terms &amp. Conditions</li> </ul>

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