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Zoho.com<ul> <li>Products<ul> <li>Sales</li> <li>Marketing</li> <li>Customer Service</li> <li>Finance</li> <li>People &amp. Culture</li> <li>Email &amp. Office</li> <li>Project Management</li> <li>Collaboration</li> <li>Custom Solutions</li> <li>BI &amp. Analytics</li> <li>IT</li> <li>Bundles</li> <li>Marketplace</li> </ul> <p>CRM</p> <em>The complete CRM platform</em> <p>Bigin</p> <em>Pipeline-centric CRM for small businesses</em> <p>Desk</p> <em>Put customer service at the heart of your company</em> <p>Forms</p> <em>Forms for mobile teams</em> <p>SalesIQ</p> <em>Convert website visitors into customers</em> <p>ContactManager</p> <em>Absolute contact management</em> <p>SalesInbox</p> <em>Email for salespeople</em> <p>Bookings</p> <em>Find the perfect time with your customers</em> <p>Social</p> <em>The all-in-one social media management software</em> <p>Campaigns</p> <em>Reach and engage your customers</em> <p>Forms</p> <em>Forms for mobile teams</em> <p>Survey</p> <em>Online surveys for every occasion</em> <p>Sites</p> <em>Design mobile friendly websites</em> <p>PageSense</p> <em>Conversion rate optimization software</em> <p>Backstage</p> <em>End-to-end event management software</em> <p>Meeting</p> <em>Host secure online meetings. Organize engaging webinars</em> <p>Commerce</p> <em>All-in-one ecommerce platform</em> <p>Desk</p> <em>Put customer service at the heart of your company</em> <p>Assist</p> <em>Support remote customers instantly</em> <p>Lens</p> <em>Solve problems with interactive remote assistance</em> <p>Books</p> <em>Smart accounting for growing businesses</em> <p>Invoice</p> <em>Hassle-free invoicing</em> <p>Expense</p> <em>Effortless expense reporting</em> <p>Inventory</p> <em>Online inventory and order management</em> <p>Subscriptions</p> <em>Smarter billing for your subscription business</em> <p>Checkout</p> <em>Simple one-time and recurring online payments solution</em> <p>Payroll</p> <em>Payroll experience redefined to be stress-free</em> <p>People</p> <em>Organize, automate and simplify your HR processes</em> <p>Recruit</p> <em>Applicant tracking system</em> <p>Connect</p> <em>Your social workplace</em> <p>Expense</p> <em>Effortless expense reporting</em> <p>Workerly</p> <em>Temporary Staffing Solution</em> <p>Payroll</p> <em>Payroll experience redefined to be stress-free</em> <p>ShowTime</p> <em>On-board new hires and host impactful employee training</em> <p>BackToWork</p> <em>Ensure employee safety at workplace</em> <p>Mail</p> <em>Secure business email</em> <p>Office Suite</p> <em>Powerful office editors for modern teams</em> <p>Writer</p> <em>A clean, crisp space to write and discuss</em> <p>Sheet</p> <em>The spreadsheet application for collaborative work</em> <p>Show</p> <em>Create, collaborate and broadcast presentations</em> <p>Notebook</p> <em>A beautiful home for all your notes</em> <p>Wiki</p> <em>Knowledge management for teams</em> <p>Office Integrator</p> <em>Give your apps built-in document editors</em> <p>Bookings</p> <em>Find the perfect time with your customers</em> <p>TeamInbox</p> <em>Shared inboxes for teams</em> <p>TransMail</p> <em>Reliable &amp. instant transactional emails</em> <p>Projects</p> <em>Turn every project into a success story</em> <p>Sprints</p> <em>Planning and tracking tool for agile teams</em> <p>WorkDrive</p> <em>Online file management for teams</em> <p>Docs</p> <em>All your documents in one place</em> <p>Meeting</p> <em>Host secure online meetings. Organize engaging webinars</em> <p>Cliq</p> <em>Chat that's built for work</em> <p>Connect</p> <em>Your social workplace</em> <p>Sign</p> <em>Sign and send documents</em> <p>ShowTime</p> <em>Online training tool to engage your learners</em> <p>TeamInbox</p> <em>Shared inboxes for teams</em> <p>Creator</p> <em>Build custom apps for your business needs</em> <p>Flow</p> <em>Integrate your apps to automate business workflows</em> <p>Orchestly</p> <em>Business Workflow Management Platform</em> <p>Office Integrator</p> <em>Give your apps built-in document editors</em> <p>TransMail</p> <em>Reliable &amp. instant transactional emails</em> <p>Analytics</p> <em>Visually analyze your business data</em> <p>Creator</p> <em>Build custom apps for your business needs</em> <p>Site24x7</p> <em>Website monitoring from a global perspective</em> <p>Flow</p> <em>Integrate your apps to automate business workflows</em> <p>Assist</p> <em>Support remote customers instantly</em> <p>Vault</p> <em>Online password manager for teams</em> <p>BugTracker</p> <em>Fix bugs fast and ship great software</em> <p>Mobile Device Management</p> <em>Easy-to-use &amp. affordable web-based MDM solution</em> <p>Patch Manager Plus</p> <em>Stay clear of vulnerabilities and cyber attacks</em> <p>Identity Management</p> <em>An identity management and governance solution</em> <p>Log Management Cloud</p> <em>Store and manage all your log data on a secure cloud platform</em> <p>Catalyst</p> <em>Simple Serverless Platform</em> <p>Lens</p> <em>Solve problems with interactive remote assistance</em> <p>Desktop Central</p> <em>A 360-degree UEM solution for enterprise management and security</em> <p>ServiceDesk Plus</p> <em>Offer best-in-class IT support on the cloud</em> <strong>Unified Customer Experience Platform:</strong> <p>CRM Plus</p> <em>Unified platform that helps deliver exceptional customer experience</em> <strong>Unified Finance Platform:</strong> <p>Finance Plus</p> <em>Everything you need to manage your operations and finance</em> <strong>Unified HR Platform:</strong> <p>People Plus</p> <em>Integrated HR platform for seamless employee experience</em> <strong>Integrated Collaboration Platform:</strong> <p>Workplace</p> <em>Create, collaborate, and communicate with your teams</em> <strong>Help Desk Management:</strong> <p>IT Management</p> <em>Align IT to your business with our support and monitoring solutions</em> <strong>All-in-one Suite:</strong> <p>One</p> <em>An integrated suite that encompasses all the apps in Zoho</em> <strong> </strong> <p>Remotely</p> <em> </em> <strong>Custom Application Development:</strong> <p>Creator Plus</p> <em>Platform for Digital Transformation and Automation</em> <p>Do more with your Zoho products</p> <p>Extensions</p> <em>Integrate Zoho products with third party applications</em> <p>Custom Apps</p> <em>Ease work with apps tailor-made for your business</em> <p>Industry Solutions</p> <em>End-to-end business solutions for your vertical</em> <p>Build and Sell</p> <em>Build Extensions, Custom Apps and Industry solutions using our platforms and public APIs. Zoho Marketplace helps showcase your extensions to all our users worldwide</em> </li> <li>Customers</li> <li>Support</li> <li>About Us</li> </ul> English<ul> </ul>LOGINGet StartedZOHOZoho General PagesLOGINGet Started<ul> <li>About Us</li> <li>Perspectives</li> <li>Academy</li> <li>Press</li> <li>In the News</li> <li>Analyst Reports</li> <li>Opinions</li> <li>Influence</li> <li>Branding Assets</li> <li>Contact Us</li> <li>All Zoho Products</li> </ul>LOGINGet StartedEnglish<ul> </ul> <ul> <li>About Us</li> <li>Perspectives</li> <li>Academy</li> <li>Press</li> <li>In the News</li> <li>Analyst Reports</li> <li>Opinions</li> <li>Influence</li> <li>Branding Assets</li> <li>Contact Us</li> <li>All Zoho Products</li> </ul> Privacy <ul> <li>Privacy Policy</li> <li>GDPR Compliance</li> <li>Security Whitepaper</li> <li>Cookie Policy</li> </ul> Zoho - Cookie PolicyOpt-out from Analytics CookiesYou have opted out of Analytics Cookies. <em>Click here</em> to opt-in.Last Updated on : 19th October 2020What is a cookie?<p>A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or other internet connected device in order to identify your browser, provide analytics, remember information about you such as your language preference or login information. They're completely safe and can't be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your device.You can learn more about cookies by clicking here (external link).</p>What type of cookies does Zoho use?<p>Cookies can either be session cookies or persistent cookies. A session cookie expires automatically when you close your browser. A persistent cookie will remain until it expires or you delete your cookies. Expiration dates are set in the cookies themselves. some may expire after a few minutes while others may expire after multiple years. Cookies placed by the website you’re visiting are called “first party cookies".</p> <p>Below is a detailed list of the cookies we use on our website. Our website is scanned with our cookie scanning tool regularly to maintain a list as accurate as possible. We classify cookies in the following categories:</p>Strictly NecessaryFunctional/PreferenceAnalytics<em>&nbsp;</em>Strictly Necessary Cookies<p>Strictly Necessary cookies are necessary for our website to function and cannot be switched off in our systems. They are essential in order to enable you to navigate around the website and use its features. If you remove or disable these cookies, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use our websites.</p>Cookie NamePurposeValidityAlphanumeric cookies of length 10 characters(eg: 467aef24c7)Load balancing and session stickinessSessioncsr* / *csr* / *csr, zmpncc, zfccnWebsite securitySessiondcl_pfx_lcntNavigation through cross-domainsSessionJSESSIONIDHTTP session token identifierSessionstk, rtkLogin, Signup - Success &amp. failure analysisSession_imtremManage the 'Remember me' optionSession_z_identityManage the user's login sessionSessionIAMTFA*Two Factor Authentication validationSession_zsudcManage custom domain login sessionsSessionzidpMaintain OpenID sign in optionsSessionzoho_fbuidMaintain Facebook login optionSessionGAUTH_TICKETProvide the authentication token in mobile apps for mobile sign in abilitySessiontfa_acTwo Factor Authentication managementSessionclientauthtokenSupport sign in for client portalSession_iamadt, _iambdtManage logged in user session1 monthzipStore IP locale country value for proper website operations1 dayAKA_A2Performance optimisation in loading of pages1 hourdcl_bdStores the base domain of the current dc(data center) for proper cross data center domain navigationSessionis_pfxStores the current web URL domain prefix informationSessionIAMTFATICKET_&lt;zuid&gt;Stores the trusted browser session, when "Trust this Browser" option is enabled during TFA verification by the user.180day(s)Functional/Preference Cookies<p>Function/Preference cookies allow us to remember the choices made by you (such as your user name, language or region) as well as other functionalities (such as controlling the cookie banner, redirection to a new page) in order to provide a more personalised online experience. These preferences are remembered (through the use of persistent cookies) so that you need not set them again the next time you visit the page.</p>Cookie NamePurposeValidityhas_jsCheck if JavaScript is enabled in the visitor's browserSessionzc_consent, zc_showManage user consent for tracking and cookie banner display settings1 year*pollsMaintain state and choices made by visitors in the polls conducted1 yearZFEditionMaintain choice of edition across the Zoho Finance products suite150 daysZFUserCountry, ZFUserCountryCodeStore country name &amp. country code to pre-fill in forms within Zoho Finance products suite150 daysIsMarketingSkipSkip syncing sign up data to internal relationship management toolsSessionzloadedShow language selection stripIndefinite(Local Storage)coockiecheckedManage cookie notice banner and consent settingsIndefinite(Local Storage)acc_verRedirect to the new user interface of Zoho accounts page1 yearzld*dragpos, zld*stateSalesIQ chat window options(position and state)5 minutesisiframeenabledManage the loading of some static containers for better UI client performance1 dayczonecreativeinfoManage (show/hide) the product updates &amp. high priority notifications across zohoIndefinite(Local Storage)zuserlangStores the preferred language for web page1 dayisexitmodaldisabledStore user preferences(eg. cookie banner, timezone, country, IP, locale etc)90 daysAnalytics Cookies<p>Analytics cookies help us improve the way our websites work (e.g. by ensuring that users are finding what they are looking for easily). These track information about visits to the websites so that we can make improvement and report our performance. For example: analyze visitor and user behavior so as to provide more relevant content or suggest certain activities. These cookies also collect information about how visitors use the websites, which site the user came from, the number of each user’s visits and how long the user stays on the websites. We might also use analytics cookies to test new pages or features to see how users react to them.</p>Cookie NamePurposeValidityRTMeasures page load time, or other timers associated with the page7 daysza_anonymous_idUnderstand visitors behaviour across our website1 yearzc_cu, zc_cu_exp, zc_tpUnderstand visitors behaviour across our website1 yearZ*PageURL, Z*Ref, ZohoMarkRef, ZohoMarkSrcUnderstand visitors behaviour across our website1 month, 1 month, Session, Sessionzsstssn, zsltssnUnderstand visitors behaviour across our website30 minutes, 90days*_zldp, *_siqid,*_uuidUnderstand visitors behaviour across our website2 years*_zldtCount number of visits to a page1 dayzabUserId, zabHMBucket, zabBucket, zabVisitId, ZabSplit, ztpctest, zab_*Manage, analyse and understand visitor behaviour across our website1 year, 1 year, 1 year, Session, 1 year, Transient, 1 hourcookie-uidUnderstand visitors behaviour across our websiteSessioncreator_cdAnalyse effectiveness of adwords campaigns3 monthszpzohopage, zpzohorefTrack source and referral webpage information to understand user navigationSessiongclidAnalyse effectiveness of adwords campaigns3 monthsgtm_zoho_sourceStore referral source information3 months*zsrv0.*, zsr*, ps_payloadSeqIdUnderstand visitors behaviour on a webpage2 hoursPaymentsReferralTo identify from the referral partner of the visitor90 daysHow you can manage cookies?<p>Most browsers allow you to control cookies through their 'settings' preferences. However, if you limit the ability of websites to set cookies, you may worsen your overall user experience, since it will no longer be personalized to you. It may also stop you from saving customized settings like login information. Browser manufacturers provide help pages relating to cookie management in their products. Please see below for more information.</p> <p>Browser manufacturers provide help pages relating to cookie management in their products. Please see below for more information.</p> <ul> <li> <strong>Google Chrome</strong> </li> <li> <strong>Internet Explorer</strong> </li> <li> <strong>Mozilla Firefox</strong> </li> <li> <strong>Safari (Desktop)</strong> </li> <li> <strong>Safari (Mobile)</strong> </li> <li> <strong>Android Browser</strong> </li> <li> <strong>Opera</strong> </li> <li> <strong>Opera Mobile</strong> </li> </ul>Disclaimer<p>We may update this Cookie Statement from time to time in order to reflect, for example, changes to the cookies we use or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons. Please therefore re-visit this Cookie Statement regularly to stay informed about our use of cookies and related technologies. 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