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FileFactory About Premium Affiliates Sign In FileFactory About Premium Affiliates Sign In Fair Use Policy <p>Effective Date:&nbsp. <strong>January 9, 2015</strong> </p> Introduction <p>At we are committed to providing you with the best quality of service. To do this, we have to monitor our servers for the average amount of storage and bandwidth used per subscriber.</p> Excess bandwidth <p>If your download bandwidth usage is consistently in the top 1% of users over the course of a month, we may slow your download speed or restrict your downloads. We will contact you by email if you are affected by any restrictions. There is no limit on the outgoing bandwidth limit of files stored in your account. In other words, your hosted files can always be downloaded an unlimited number of times. </p>Excess storage space <p>If the amount of storage used exceeds 5TB, we will automatically remove any files uploaded more than 90 days ago, until the storage limit falls below 5TB. In cases where the above rule does not effectively reduce storage space beneath 5TB, a data storage fee of $100 per TB (or part thereof) over 5TB per 30 days may apply.</p> Terms of Service - Acceptable Use Policy - Privacy Policy - Fair Use Policy - Copyright Policy - Child Exploitation Policy - Support - Resellers - Premium - Affiliates - Contact Us © FileFactory 2020 &nbsp;—&nbsp. FileFactory Cloud Storage LLC English Danish Dutch French German Japanese Norwegian Portuguese Swedish Spanish <i> </i>English<i> </i> <ul> <li> <i> </i>English</li> <li> <i> </i>Danish</li> <li> <i> </i>Dutch</li> <li> <i> </i>French</li> <li> <i> </i>German</li> <li> <i> </i>Japanese</li> <li> <i> </i>Norwegian</li> <li> <i> </i>Portuguese</li> <li> <i> </i>Swedish</li> <li> <i> </i>Spanish</li> </ul> Change Language &lt;img height="1" width="1" style="display:none" src=";ev=PageView&amp;noscript=1" /&gt.

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